We work with the best in the field of metalworking installation

INOCAMBRA is concerned about its customers even when the works are finished. In this way, we offer our customer the best means and raw material in the work of metal locksmithing. Jensen is one of the most well-known brands in this type of market, offering the best range of products to which we are accustomed.

Building Construction

What started in 1923 as a small business, has subsequently become one of the largest international high-tech companies. Today Jansen is one of the most successful companies in the field of construction systems in steel profiles for windows, doors and facades with great energy efficiency.
INOCAMBRA is the most specialized company in the country for the sale and installation of these products. From our inception the choice was, and always will be the best with regard to raw materials.


Window Systems
The innovative profiles of Jansen windows give the building a very special character. Whether it is bar profiles with frames, arched windows or large glass windows: the Jansen window system is particularly suitable for installation in new buildings as well as for renovation of existing buildings.


Door Systems
Thanks to its highly resistant material characteristics, steel is perfect for busy buildings such as schools, hospitals, sports centers and the like. Stainless steel gives a graceful look and reduces maintenance to a minimum. Jansen stainless steel is therefore the right choice for malls, railway stations, banks and hotels.

Anti-fire doors

The steel properties allow versatile profiles to be assembled in strong and safe constructions. We have multifunctional doors that meet the requirements of both the architect and the client. The performance of this Jansen system has been internationally known and passed with distinction in numerous fire tests. Jansen fire doors were tested in combinations with several different glass suppliers.


Full Facades

Jansen has completely isolated Passivhaus certified systems. They are suitable structures for a wide range of applications in new or existing buildings. The sealing system can be combined with common steel and stainless steel profiles.


Fold and Slide Systems

Jansen’s slide systems redefine a new and innovative space. This proven system, which was developed especially for large spaces, allows the joining of interior and exterior spaces to create a unique living environment. The entire structure is made of the best materials, thus reinforced with fiberglass, providing access means to meet the needs of the disabled, ensuring excellent thermal insulation.

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