We are a portuguese company dedicated to civil metalwork industry.


INOCAMBRA is in the Portuguese market since 2002. Only with hard work and motivation we managed to reach what we are today.


Increasingly important these days, the Design is the most important parameter in the development of new equipment. The development of our products is based on the philosophy of Design, always thinking about the customer. We have the best team to provide a solution to your obstacle.


We have a dedicated and dynamic team with great experience and know-how in the market. This way we can guarantee high standards of quality to our clients.


Trust is a cornerstone that holds good human relations. And the same occurs in the labor market. Our company excels in having a great relationship with the customers, thus enabling that the desired result is the best.



In the course of the activity and growth of the company, we had the will of betting in a complementary line of business, then creating greenenergy – Retail Design – Shopfitting – Contruction, in order to give response to the Provision of Services in the areas of Construction / Remodeling, Architecture and Design of Equipment for Commercial and Institutional spaces.

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Our Motivation

George Buckley

TEveryone wants to know how to manage creativity. Impossible! Creativity is born from freedom, not control.

Peter Drucker

Marketing and innovation are the two main functions in business. We have to create the customer, sell. We have to create new dimensions of achievements, innovate. All the rest are costs.

Great Challenges, Great Solutions

Inocambra is proud to perform all kinds of projects in the civil metalwork industry. Each project executed by us is seen as a new challenge in our area. We distinguish your dream as our own.


We excel to offer our customers the industry’s best design. Inocambra always bets on innovation and projects out of the ordinary. Society is constantly evolving worldwide, and this way we guarantee total customer satisfaction by creating projects tailored to each one.

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We excel to cater for all the requests of our customers. By phone, email or even in our headquarters, Inocambra is keen to clarify all your doubts. We are ready for your challenge!